Apolinaria Vivid!

Plants some flowers, mine the rock to get coins and play a charming mini-game
Your favourite tetris game you love
Cute black sheep has a sleepover, let's wash him of
It's like talking ben the dog game! 2011 version, Download on itch io
Your cute cat is on the way! Do you like This game?
Adopt your virtual pet Goat
Rabbit squeaks it very well. Do you love rabbits?
Find out these 3 friends in bubble island... fostrirable?
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Find out our pet at the beach
Interactive Fiction
Meet your new virtual pet Goat
Role Playing
Talking Cat Apolinaria is back!
Interactive Fiction
Find out your cutest valentine's day app in the movie theather
She is living on your virtual city, interactive pet. You care of her, make her happy
Be happy with lolla, be greedy
The talking deer bella is back with some new bff and satuations
Do you see marina's dog barking? That's talking dog marina. She is the most barking girl ever
Bella the deer is going to your house and take care of the deer.. Darling! Would you?
Bella - is the darlingest girl ever in london fashion

Talking bella

Talking Peidy & Friends